1. Keep life flowing

    The foundation of our corporate culture is the awareness of the social value of plasma processing for the treatment of extremely severe and debilitating diseases, such as haemophilia and immune deficiencies.

    We invest in people, innovation and research to support the medical and scientific communities and the institutional patient communities worldwide, for ongoing product and process improvement, to give our contribution to making treatments widely available.


  1. 02-04-2014

    Improving access to treatments and helping raise the therapeutic standards for people suffering from hemophilia and other hemorrhagic conditions.

  2. 02-04-2014

    “The efforts made by Kedrion and the Hemophilia Association of New Jersey come together in the goal to improve the quality of life of people suffering from coagulation disorders by providing them w

Biological Safety Center - BioSC

The Biological Safety Centre (BioSC) is a structure of the  Kedrion group dedicated to virus and prions safety studies.