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Corporate Governance System in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree n.231 dated 8 June 2001 adopted by Kedrion S.p.A

With Italian Legislative Decree n.231 dated 8 June 2001 "Regulations governing administrative responsibilities of legal entities, companies and associations, including those without legal entity", a new form of penal and administrative responsibility on the part of Organisations has been introduced into the Italian legal system.

The Decree determines that Organisations are liable to prosecution if offences provided for in this Decree are committed by key individuals subject to company organisation (for example employees, proxies, administrators, external collaborators, commercial partners) in the interest or to the advantage of the Organisation itself.

Article 6 of the Decree determines that the Organisation is exempt from all responsibility, if it has adopted and efficiently implemented a Corporate Governance System which effectively prohibits the offences determined by the Decree; if it has nominated a Surveillance Body which has powers to act and control independently and whose aim it is to oversee the performance of and compliance to the System itself and to keep it updated.

KEDRION has adopted its own Corporate Governance System in accordance with article 6 of Italian Legislative Decree n. 231 dated 8 June 2001, in adherence to art. 6 of the aforementioned Decree.

Article 6, section 2 bis of the Legislative Decree 231/01 - introduced by the 179/2017 law– expressly requires the adoption of a system that allows to send a notice by means of IT systems. In order to be in compliance with the Law, Kedrion has implemented a web system, accessible using the following link:

The System has been adopted as part of an existing Company Ethics Management System and is outlined in a series of tools and models.