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  1. PLASMA & BIOTHERAPIES - 31-10-2019

    Kedrion supports new FVIII donation from Italy to El Salvador

    A total amount of 3.5 million units manufactured from national plasma made available by the Region of Emilia-Romagna

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  2. PLASMA & BIOTHERAPIES - 06-09-2018

    Kedrion Supports Factor VIII Donation from Italy to El Salvador

    Product manufactured from national plasma was made available by the Region of Sicily

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  3. PLASMA & BIOTHERAPIES - 16-09-2016

    Humanitarian Factor IX donation to Afghanistan

    Kedrion Biopharma confirms its commitment to broaden access to therapies in developing Countries

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  4. PLASMA & BIOTHERAPIES - 03-08-2015

    Project PODs on plasma-derived orphan drugs takes the center stage at SMAU

    Kedrion Biopharma and the CNR of Pisa participated in Toscana Technologica on 14-15 July 2015 in Florence

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