From Collection to Distribution: The Flow of Life

Kedrion has a long history  of partnering the National Health System.  We have built our operational model in coordination with all the stakeholders of the Italian Blood system, from donors to patients, guaranteeing industrial capacity, flexibility, reliability, traceability and quality assurance.


Each Region of Italy is responsible for collection of plasma in local transfusion centers.  Kedrion collaborates closely with each of its partner-Regions, planning a monthly, flexible collection program based on the number of transfusion centers and their different plasma production capacities.

A dedicated customer services team coordinates all collection activities.


The plasma collected from the transfusion centers is transported to Kedrion’s warehouse facilities.  Temperatures are continuously monitored during collection and transportation, and a validated system includes a temperature traceability program.

Reception and feedback

On reception, the plasma units collected from each of the Region’s transfusion centers are checked by the Quality Affair Department to ensure their quality as the raw material for the manufacturing of plasma-derived products. Kedrion files monthly reports to its Regions, listing all the activities carried out with the collected plasma. Periodically, Kedrion organizes a meeting in each partner-Region to present any possible non-compliance data from the various centers.


Plasma from each partner-Region, or cluster of partner-Regions, is processed separately according to contractual agreement, noting volume and type of plasma, as well as required plasma-derived products. The contract also sets minimum yields for each product required. Efficiency of the process is continually monitored and reported in depth.

Finished products storage

Finished products are stored in two warehouses, the first for products prior to batch release, and the second for batch-released products awaiting delivery.

Kedrion monitors finished product stock level, and plans their delivery to the hospitals on the basis of the Regions’ demand.


A structured distribution program is coordinated with partner-Regions based on their specific needs, and products are distributed to hospital pharmacies throughout Italy. Our customer services department advises the Regions on any changes to the agreed distribution program. Distribution services are customized to fit the Regions’ requirements with total and guaranteed traceability.