Technology transfer

Kedrion is proud to be a partner of the Italian National Healthcare System as it pursues the goal of self-sufficiency, in the development and supply of plasma-derived medicinal products.  The unique expertise acquired in this public/private partnership has provided Kedrion special opportunities and responsibilities.  While Kedrion actively promotes the sale of its plasma-derived products internationally, it is also dedicated to transferring its expertise and technology to foreign healthcare systems, facilitating the establishment of their own self-sufficient plasma collection and fractionation systems.

The process

Kedrion has established a step-wise process for this transfer of expertise and technology:

1.    Consultation and assistance in developing local plasma collection centers.

2.    Provision of fractionation services (toll fractionation) of plasma to produce derivative medicinal products (clotting factors, albumin and immunoglobulin) for return to the partner country.

3.    Expertise and technology-transfer for establishment of a local plasma processing plant with the eventual goal of performing all phases of production, packaging and marketing within the budget constraints of the partner system.  For this phase in particular Kedrion offers end to end support, from Plant Analysis and Design through Personnel Training to support for Authorization and Start-up.