Kedrion’s commitment to Social Responsibility extends to all the communities we work with, from the sites of our operations to the global environment, from the community of donors to the community of people who use our products.

Whether through support for projects at the local level or substantial international product donations or through collaboration with educational and advocacy organizations like the Jeffrey Modell Foundation or the World Federation of Hemophilia, we strive to raise awareness and improve diagnosis, treatment and access worldwide.



Institutions and Patient Associations supported/Purpose of donation/Financial Value of donation

Fondazione Paracelso
Donation in favor of all the Foundation-related activities – € 3,000

Fondazione IRCCS Cà Granda
Voluntary donation in favor of the IRCCS Ca Granda Foundation. Support activities for the MYVIP project (living with an immunodeficiency) which aims to improve the quality of life of PID patients through a course of therapeutic education – € 5,000

Donation to support the Federation’s institutional activities – € 15,000

European Haemophilia Safety Surveillance System: Support to the EUHASS Programm – € 22,000

Contribution to the Associaton 2020 – € 8,000

EHC corporate Programm  C. Associativo
Contribution to the Association 2020 – € 5,000

WFH (Word Federation of Hemophilia)
2020 Annual Corporate Partner Program  – € 40,000

Scholarship/Purpose of donation/Financial Value of donation

Università degli studi di Roma TorVergata
Contribution for medical scientific education in the form of a University Master – € 3,600