Environment, Health & Safety

When we say our business is about people, that extends to the people who work with us as well.  Their health and safety is as important to us as that of our end-customers, the users of our plasma-derived products.  This is not just a matter of complying with relevant regulations regarding the workplace and workers.  It is not just a matter of good intentions; it is an extension of our history as a family-owned,community-based company.  At one time all of our workers were also our neighbors and we still treat them so even as we expand into international operations.

Safety Policies

We at Kedrion do not allow the health and safety of workers to be left to chance and good intentions.  We have instituted a cohesive management scheme and review safety policies on an ongoing basis, at every point of change including new processes, new activities and new facilities.  We have also implemented safety training sessions and focus groups to enlist input from personnel at all levels.

The environment


Kedrion’s concern for the environment begins with the immediate environment in which our people work.  It extends from the workplace to the surrounding community with a commitment to minimizing  resource consumption and waste.  Our environmental polices conform to our recognition of the human component of global climate change and our responsibility to do whatever possible to mitigate it.

Kedrion’s management is committed to implementing, maintaining and documenting its processes and activities in accordance with the highest standards of quality, such as:

–  UNI EN ISO 14001 and EMAS regulations (Environmental Management System)

– BS OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety System).