Transparency disclosures

Information on Kedrion’s 2015 interactions with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and Organisations (HCOs), and information pertaining to Research and Development (R&D), is available on our website as of June 30th, 2016.

Transfers of value to Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations

By posting this information, we have – with firm conviction – chosen perfect transparency, and we are adopting Farmindustria’s Code on disclosure, which implements the EFPIA Code (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations).

The interactions between pharmaceutical industries and healthcare professionals are very well regulated, and cover several areas:

1.  Research and development of new medicines drugs through clinical trials in hospitals, universities, or public and private healthcare organizations;

2.   Scientific consultancies;

3.    Scientific conferences and workshops, in which news updates and information are provided;

4.   Supporting conferences and CME courses (Continuing Medical Education) organised by public bodies, universities, scientific associations and CME-accredited providers.

It is actually the exchange of information between the pharmaceutical industry and the medical professionals, with their wealth of knowledge and direct experience,  which provides Research and Development with important information, and allows for increasingly effective drugs to be made available for patients’ healthcare needs.

As well as being regulated by national and international legislation, such interactions are based on respect for mutual roles, all  within the transparent framework of Farmindustria’s ethical rules.

In accordance with the Italian Privacy Act, data is available on all individual professionals who have signed the relevant consent form. All other data is available in aggregate form.

To download the Transfer of Value pdf (Annex 1 to the Farmindustria Code of Ethics) click on the following box.