CSR: Kedrion Biopharma volunteers at Dynamo Academy Campus

Giving back to the communities in which we operate is one of the cornerstones of how Kedrion Biopharma works in Italy and in the world. Over the years, the company has supported initiatives not only in aid of scientific research and medical training, but also aimed at protecting human rights and promoting volunteer work. Our commitment – at both local and global levels – has as its ultimate goal that of “leaving every place better than how we found it”.

With this in mind, on 26 January 2017 Kedrion Biopharma started its collaboration with Dynamo Academy, an organization specializing in social entrepreneurship training. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program, the company’s entire Italian Sales Force and Marketing Team travelled to Limestre, near Pistoia (in Tuscany) for volunteer work at the Dynamo Camp. They helped carry out several small improvements  to the Camp’s facilities.

“Everything we do has an impact on those around us. The well-being of our communities also determines our own well-being. Because of our shared local culture and history, there is a closeness between Kedrion Biopharma and the Dynamo Foundation and Camp,” stated Paolo Marcucci, Chairman and CEO of Kedrion Biopharma. “What we are setting up today is a natural partnership between our two companies, which in the near future will undoubtedly lead us to achieving our common goal of putting people first and improving the lives of children and teenagers affected by debilitating or chronic medical conditions" Marcucci concluded.

Dynamo Camp offers breaks and holidays to children and teenagers affected by debilitating or chronic medical conditions. Featuring recreational therapy programs, these stays provide fun, leisure activities the aim of which is to build self-confidence (www.dynamocamp.org). “We are very glad to be taking part in Kedrion Biopharma’s CSR program. We trust that – in the coming years – our partnership will grow even stronger, thanks to our geographical proximity, and to the fact that we share the objective of improving the quality of life of children and teenagers affected by chronic, debilitating pathologies”, stated Maria Serena Porcari, Dynamo Camp President.

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