EMAS registration for Kedrion: the company’s environmental policy reinforced

Kedrion SpA, specialized in the production of plasma–derived products, is one of the five Italian pharmaceutical companies which got EMAS registration.

The company has joined an “Environmental Programme” and has thereby assumed specific environmental policy commitments. At the same time, it has drawn up an “Environmental Statement” which – in terms of regulation CE 761/2001 EMAS – “serves to provide environmental information to the public and other interested parties, regarding the environmental impact and performance and also the continual improvement of the environmental performance of the company“.

The “Statement” has been confirmed by the EMAS Ecolabel-Ecoaudit Committee, which is made up of representatives from the Departments for Environment, Economic Development, Health and Economy and Finance, and will be periodically updated and available on a special section of the website www.kedrion.com.

This represents a further step forward in the company’s integrated policy for the environment, safety and quality which followed upon ISO 9001 certification (developing, setting up and improving the effectiveness of the quality management system) and ISO 14001 certification (conformity with the international rules for the environmental management system).

Based on companies’ voluntary participation in the development of their own environmental efficiency, EMAS is a standard of certification of environmental quality recognised by the European Union through its directive, Community EcoManagement and Audit Regulations.

With EMAS registration, involving the head office, the warehouse in Castelvecchio Pascoli and the factory in Bolognana, all in the Province of Lucca, Kedrion commits itself to continuous improvement, in particular as regards emissions, energy consumption and waste management, through monitoring, surveillance and criticality management.

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