Humanitarian projects: a new donation of factor VIII and IX to Afghanistan

Kedrion continues and intensifies its efforts in international humanitarian projects for the donation of factor VIII and factor IX from national plasma to disadvantaged countries.
After the first shipment of products to Afghanistan in April 2013, on July 12th the Hemophilia Center of the Estequal se-Rahi-Allaudin Hospital of Kabul received 1 million International Units of factor VIII and 50.000 IUs of factor IX. Such products, developed for the treatment of hemophilia A and B diagnosed in the 204 patients of the Afghan Center, will help further improve the medical treatment of hemophiliacs in the country.
The donation of factor VIII is part of the Humanitarian and scientific partnership programme for an ethical and rational use of FVIII from national plasma (provided by some Regions), an initiative of the National Blood Centre (Centro Nazionale Sangue, CNS) in partnership with Milan’s Fondazione IRCCS Ca’ Granda – Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico; the donation of factor IX has been made, on the other hand, under a partnership between the Transfusion Medicine Multispecialty Hospital S. Maria della Misericordia of Udine and the Haemophilia Center of Kabul.
Kedrion contributed to the success of such donation by taking care of the logistics, working to organise the shipment and filling in all the documents needed to release and mark the products, in close collaboration with CRS, CNS, Fondazione Ca’ Granda, Fondazione Paracelso and the Estequal Hospital of Kabul.

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