Kedrion alongside AICE on the 50th Ann. of the first AICE Triennial Conference

Fifty years have passed since the Italian Association of Hemophilia Centers (AICE) organized the first "Conference on the Clinical and Social problems of Hemophilia" , which at that time was held at "Il Ciocco" in Castelvecchio Pascoli, situated on the Tuscan hills in the Province of Lucca, Italy, where Kedrion Biopharma has its headquarters today. Half a century after that first event, which is now in its 17th triennial edition and is scheduled for October 8-11, 2020 in Milan, we are proud to support an event which, over the decades, has contributed to the growth and continued development of our country in terms of medical care and research in the field of hemophilia and other congenital hemorrhagic diseases. 

The conference is made possible thanks to the continuous collaboration and synergy of AICE and the Italian Federation of Hemophilia Societies (FedEmo) and is sponsored by the Paracelsus Foundation; as promoter Kedrion will participate with a booth and will support the scientific discussion to be held on October 10. The reading, given by Dr. Sander Botter, head of the Swiss Center for Musculoskeletal Biobanking (SCMB) and moderated by Prof. Raimondo De Cristofaro, Director of the Hemorrhagic and Thrombotic Diseases Service at the University Hospital Agostino Gemelli in Rome, will address the delicate issue of the role of Factor VIII in the long-term protection of the joints in patients with hemophilia.

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