Kedrion Biopharma awarded “Best Carpooling Company” 2015

Kedrion Biopharma’s committment to safeguarding the environment is reflected in the initiatives it develops to encourage employees to use carpooling—sharing a car with colleagues during the commute between home and work.

The number of employees that joined the scheme won Kedrion the “Best Carpooling Company” award for 2015 from JoJob, the online carpooling portal created by BringMe that today is widely used by major Italian companies. According to data JoJob collected, 170 Kedrion employees shared more than 400 trips between home and work in 2015, saving a total of 775 kg of CO2.

Kedrion first partnered with BringMe in May 2014, after recognizing the potential of the JoJob carpooling tool to encourage “green” awareness. It was first proposed to employees in Kedrion’s Italian offices and their response was extremely positive.

Kedrion suggested carpooling as an innovative and ecologically sustainable means of transportation, supported by innovative solutions such as the JoJob app. The app makes it possible to certify the actual CO2 saved from every instance of carpooling, generating real data that the company can then analyze and benchmark to identify, for example, those employees who stand out for their environmental commitment.

These frequent carpooler include Valentina Mannari, who sums up her experience as follows: “I really recommend joining because it’s an opportunity to save money, to reduce the stress of a long journey in the car, and also – why not? – to make new friends among colleagues in other departments of the company.”

Marta Bonaldi, Head of EHS Italy, adds: “A strong environmental culture is built with small initiatives that in the long run create great benefits. Promoting carpooling means creating a solid starting point from which to develop new ‘green’ projects in the near future.”

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