Kedrion supports Factor VIII and Factor IX donation in Afghanistan

Once again, Kedrion Biopharma supports the Italian National Blood Center in responding without delay to a request received from Dr. Arif Oryakhail, the health coordinator at the Italian Embassy in Kabul, on behalf of Afghan health authorities.

In August, 1500 vials of Factor VIII (equivalent to 1,5 million IU) were made available by the Region of Emilia-Romagna and 300 vials of Factor IX (equivalent to 300,000 IU) donated by the Marche Region were shipped to Afghanistan from Milano Malpensa airport. Kedrion managed all logistical aspects and customs procedures, which enabled delivery of the plasma to the new center for pediatric hemophilia at the Indira Gandhi Hospital in Kabul. The center is currently treating about 300 children, a number that has increased tenfold since 2012. Young patients come to receive treatment from geographically remote areas such as Herat (814 km/ 500 miles) and Farah (947 km/ almost 600 miles away).

“I would like to personally thank Kedrion Biopharma for sending us the product. The parents and their children were incredibly relieved to learn the Factor VIII and Factor IX had arrived; and as soon as the news spread, they came to the Hemophilia Center for treatment", stated Doctor Patrizia De Mas who is working in Kabul at the Indira Gandhi Pediatric Hospital.

This additional product donation to Afghanistan is part of a larger project supported by the Italian National Blood Center in the medium and long term. The project aims to strengthen Kabul's hospital structure and to promote the creation of peripheral facilities that will facilitate access to treatment for hemophilic patients coming from all over the country.

Danilo Medica, Italy Country Manager of Kedrion Biopharma, added “Supporting international humanitarian programs for the ethical use of therapies produced from Italian donor plasma allows access to life-saving drugs to populations who would otherwise not have them. This is an activity we are passionate about and that unites us with the entire Italian Blood System".


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