Sant’Antimo plant: first part of construction work concluded as planned

A brief opening ceremony marked the completion of works on the F14 building, which from now on will house the management and administrative offices of Kedrion's production plant in Sant'Antimo (Naples, Italy). This renovation is the first step in a larger investment project the total value of which is approximately 10 million Euros.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony took place in the morning of Tuesday, April 2nd. Sant'Antimo Mayor Aurelio Russo, and the Regional Councilperson for Scientific Research and Productive Activities, Antonio Marchiello, attended the event alongside Kedrion’s plant and Operations management, and Kedrion President and CEO Paolo Marcucci, who stated: "This investment confirms the importance of the Sant'Antimo plant, and our desire to consolidate its role in Kedrion's production system in line with our strategic plan. Today we are celebrating the completion of the first stage of construction works; the remaining works will be carried out by July. I would like to thank the Mayor and the Municipality of Sant'Antimo for their long-term support, and I would like to thank the people at Kedrion who have dedicated their time and energy to the success of this project."

“By rooting itself locally, Kedrion has become a motor driving the industrial development of the entire Sant’Antimo area. A good Mayor, leading a successful local public administration – explained Aurelio Russio – is the one who facilitates industrial growth so as to foster the multiplication of private capital. True to the belief that putting roots down locally ensures companies grow, I wish Kedrion further growth so that the local community may also grow. We intend to partner Kedrion as it expands” – concluded the Mayor.

Work on a second building, which will house the Quality Control and Research and Development laboratories, is still in progress and is expected to be completed by Summer.

In recent years, Kedrion has invested significantly in its Sant'Antimo facility to improve production systems and processes, keeping the plant fully integrated into the company's global industrial network. Today, Sant'Antimo employs over 170 people and produces medicinal specialties distributed in Italy and worldwide, including Virus-Inactivated Plasma, Standard and Hyperimmune Immunoglobulins, and Human Antithrombin. More investments are planned in the next few years, to expand the plant's activities also by developing and manufacturing new products.

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