The Sant’Antimo site: AIFA gives the go-ahead for the use of the new QC laboratories

AIFA (The Italian Medicines Agency) has authorized the use of the new Quality Control laboratories of the Kedrion production plant in Sant'Antimo in Naples, Italy.

The building was inaugurated last September following completion of restoration work. AIFA's green light marks a significant step forward in the process of consolidating the role of the Campania site within Kedrion's production system.

The work on this building, which houses the new Research and Development laboratories, together with work on another building which houses the headquarters of the plant's Management and Administrative Offices since last April, is part of a larger investment plan worth a total of 10 million euros. This project, known as EDUARDO, involves the entire plant and reflects Kedrion's medium to long-term commitment to continue the strategic process of integration and harmonization of the Sant'Antimo plant within the company's global industrial network.

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