“Treatment of brain hemorrhage in patients treated with anticoagulants”

As part of the IX National Congress of SIMEU (Società Italiana di Medicina di Emergenza e Urgenza, the Italian society for emergency medicine and critical care) held in Turin on 7th November, Dr Davide Imberti gave a lectio magistralis on the “Treatment of brain hemorrhage in patients treated with anticoagulants”, during which he presented the figures of a volunteer register of observational studies on 520 patients, coordinated by Dr Imberti himself and by Dr Ferrari (called Studio PROMPT-1). Supported by SIMEU and SISET, the study delivered extremely relevant results proving the effectiveness of prothrombin complex concentrates in successfully reducing the death rate on the 90th day after a brain hemorrhage in patients treated with oral anticoagulant drugs.

The lecture received unconditional support from Kedrion, which proved to be keenly interested in further developing and investigating such results while also making them known.

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