Benjamin V. Wohlauer, American Consul General in Florence, visits the Bolognana plant

On the morning of Friday, September 21, the Consul General of the United States of America in Florence, Benjamin V. Wohlauer, visited the Kedrion production plant in Bolognana (Lucca). This visit, which falls within the Consulate’s investment attraction program, was proposed by the Consul General himself, and gave him an opportunity to become acquainted with Kedrion’s production activities and the process of transforming plasma and its proteins into life-saving medicinal products. The Consul General showed particular interest in the sector’s unique production systems and the flow of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products that make up the Global Manufacturing System of Kedrion, a company which has, in fact, placed a major focus on trade relations between the United States and Italy.

During the visit, the Consul General met Kedrion’s Chairman and CEO, Paolo Marcucci, with whom he mainly discussed the company’s presence in the USA and investments that are planned for the upcoming years. Currently, the United States represents Kedrion’s primary market (consisting of over 40% of the sales turnover in 2017, equal to 602.5 million Euros) and employs approximately 800 of the company’s total workforce of 2,500 persons around the world.

“Kedrion’s international expansion represents the organic growth of an integrated productive network, within which the United States plays a key role in an industry that is subject to constant and significant development”, stated Paolo Marcucci. “At the same time, the company maintains, and will continue to maintain, its Italian, and particularly Tuscan, roots by investing in the territory. Among other things, this reaffirms the importance of our Bolognana plant as part of our integrated system of manufacturing, industrial development and research.”

The Consul General highly commended Kedrion, “a company that demonstrates Italian, particularly Tuscan, excellence at its best and distinguishes itself at the international level for the high quality of its products.  Furthermore, the company has known how to hold on to its strong territorial roots in Lucca while establishing a great international presence, as shown by the success of its important US operations.”

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