Coronavirus, Kedrion supports home delivery of its hemophilia products

In a country increasingly united by the Coronavirus emergency, where the primary objective is to protect the health of the most vulnerable people, a home delivery service of specific hemophilia products distributed by Kedrion named #KoalaACasaTua  will start on April 1. The service is supported by Kedrion, sponsor of the initiative, and will be carried out by Domedica, a leading company in the personalized approach to patients and doctors; it is part of the Koala home care program which Domedica has developed with our support.

#KoalaACasaTua will operate throughout Italy for the next three months and is designed to cover the monthly needs of many patients with hemophilia who normally have to go to the hospital or to the local pharmacy to pick up the drugs they need. At this moment in time, staying at home means reducing exposure to the risk of infection and is particularly important for people at risk, such as those who live with rare diseases, such as hemophilia.

In practice, a specialized courier under Diomedica’s coordination will go to the pharmacy to collect monthly drug prescriptions after having obtained the patient's authorization. For their part, doctors at the clinical centers will explain to their patients how the service works.

The service will be entirely managed by Domedica with the support of Kedrion, without any financial burden to patients or to healthcare facilities. At a time of emergency such as this, the initiative reflects once again Kedrion's continual and active commitment to the Italian National Health System and its own local communities.

For more information please contact: [email protected]
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