From Italy to Albania: Kedrion supports the humanitarian donation of Factor VIII

Kedrion Biopharma is proud to support the shipment of 5.5 million International Units of plasma coagulation Factor VIII from Italian donors, made available by the Tuscany Region and intended for the treatment of hemophilic children at the "Mother Teresa University Hospital Center " in Tirana, Albania.

At such a dramatic time for our Country, this humanitarian donation takes on an ulterior and more profound ethical and social meaning; it is a testimony to and strengthens the friendship, solidarity and collaboration between Italy and Albania, following the arrival a few days ago of thirty Albanian doctors and nurses come to help our healthcare personnel in the battle against the Coronavirus in Lombardy.  

Always working alongside the Italian Regions in supporting ethical and transparent projects to help poorer Countries, Kedrion cooperated with the Tuscany Region in preparing the necessary customs documentation; moreover it also covered the cost of the logistical and customs activities for the shipment, made possible by the Meyer Hospital in Florence which acted as an intermediary with the hospital center of the Albanian capital.

In a statement Danilo Medica, Italy Country Manger di Kedrion Biopharma, declared: “To work alongside the Tuscany Region and be able to help Albania and in so doing contribute to serving the patient community in that Country, is for us a great opportunity;   this initiative is an example of how we can collaborate to provide concrete support to those who are in need of care, especially in a moment as challenging as the one we are experiencing now ".

The donation will be sent in two shipments: the first consisting of 3.000 (1.000 UI) bottles will be sent by the end of April, whilst the second consisting of 2.500 (1.000 UI) bottles is scheduled for October.  Both shipments are part of a project of cooperation with Albania which began in 2018 and which has donated 6.000 bottles of Factor VIII and 1.300 bottles of Factor IX to date.

This initiative, too, comes within the context of the State-Regions Agreement (Accordo Stato Regioni) signed on 7 February 2013, which promotes and carries out collaboration agreements for exporting plasma-derivative products on humanitarian grounds, in order to guarantee that products derived from Italian donor plasma, which exceed regional and domestic needs, are used in a rational and ethical manner.  Under this Agreement over 40 million International Units of Coagulation Factors have been donated over the last few years by many Italian Regions to Countries such as Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, India, Serbia and El Salvador.

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