Donors, the future is in plasmapheresis

During the eighth edition of the Festival della  in Viareggio, the conference "Success Strategies for plasma apheresis donation" was of particular importance. The roundtable organized by Goodlink, in collaboration with CRS Toscana and with Kedrion Biopharma’s complete support, took place on 24 September on the first day of the Health Festival. Institutions, associations and representatives of the National Blood System exchanged views in a debate led by Stefano Marroni, the assistant director of TG2 and chief editor of the program Medicina33.

How do you  inform and educate the community on the importance of donating plasma? “The roundtable was extremely well conducted by Stefano Marroni”, stated Giuliano Grazzini, Senior Advisor to the CNS National Blood System. “Marroni was able to tap into the deeper workings of professionals, associations and institutions. The conference focused on pinpointing possible guidelines and tools to improve the collection of plasma in Italy and the production of medicinal plasma-derived therapies from domestic plasma. This was also a unique opportunity to highlight once again the undoubtedly top level quality of the products, a key condition to ensure patients’ better safety".

"Donation through plasmapheresis is not well known, yet it is very important because irreplaceable drugs are derived from the plasma, medicinal products which are strongly needed throughout the country”, stated Valentina Molese, Director of CRS Toscana. “According to the National Blood System data, we are currently investing resources on the foreign market to purchase products that we could be producing in Italy".

“The growing demand for plasma can be satisfied by implementing multiple actions”, noted Danilo Medica, Italy Country Manager of Kedrion. “Actions such as increasing the number of donors, improving collection efficiency and managing both the regional and national system network. Developing a shared strategy that emphasizes the generosity of those who already donate and that encourages broadening a culture of donating plasma is of crucial importance".

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