EmoKed, software for traceability, transparency and efficiency

Plasma is a precious gift, a great asset, a value to be turned into a key resource. Every year, Kedrion processes over 750,000 litres of plasma donated by over 1,700,000 Italian donors to produce life-saving drugs and ensure such products are available to the System, thus helping cater to the patients’ needs.
Along with national authorities, donor’s associations and federations, regional authorities and the medical staff, every day Kedrion strives to make sure the Italian plasma supply chain is the best quality ever. With this in mind, our company developed EmoKed, a certified software that is accessible online and can be integrated with the systems currently used by the transfusion facilities, designed to offer perfect traceability of plasma.
EmoKed tracks and traces the entire plasma-production process, from the collection to the end product, making such information accessible in real time at every stage of the process. Such service is targeted both to transfusion facilities, which may use it to review their collection trends, keep their stocks updated comparing them with historical data, and make arrangements to have the bags collected to be processed; as well as to the regional coordination structures, which will be able to review information from their local transfusion facilities and have aggregate information about the whole Region, while also monitoring all the plasma-processing stages to plan the distribution of the plasma-derived products more easily.
“EmoKed is traceability, digital archive, real-time information, online reporting: an integrated, easy and flexible  platform designed to support all those who work to turn a gift into a value, a unique service provided to the Italian transfusion System – Danilo Medica, Kedrion’s Italy Country Manager, explained. One further tool that Kedrion provides to its fellow travellers, to make their work easier and the entire process – from plasma collection to its transformation into life-saving drugs – even more efficient, controllable, transparent.
The 41st National Meeting for the Study of Transfusion Medicine (organised by the Italian Society for Transfusion Medicine and Immune Hematology, Società Italiana di Medicina Trasfusionale e Immunoematologia or SIMTI) provided the setting for the presentation of EmoKed. Over 1,500 transfusion medicine specialists, administrative staff and operators of the collection units attended the event in Rimini. “The new service provided by Kedrion – Danilo Medica concluded – was perfectly in keeping with the main goal of the Meeting, i.e. the continuous improvement of the quality standards of Italy’s Transfusion System through a close partnership between the associations, the institutions, the specialists and the companies that work in this industry”.
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