“Il giallo dell’autosufficienza”, Kedrion supports the National CRS convention

From 12th to 14th June, Senigallia (AN) hosts the 10th Convention of the Regional Blood Centres, organized by the Regional Inter-company Department of Transfusion Medicine of the Marche Region, and supported by Kedrion.
“Il giallo dell’autosufficienza. Un obiettivo da interpretare o da raggiungere?” (The yellow of self-sufficiency. A goal open to interpretation or a goal to be pursued?)”  is the title of the convention, which brings the health authorities (the National Blood Centre, CNS, and Italy’s 20 Regional Blood Centres, CRS), the volunteering world (Avis, Fidas, Fratres, the Italian Red Cross, CRI) and the medical community around a table to take stock of the Italian programme for self-sufficiency in plasma-derived products.
“This is a precious opportunity to share our experiences – Danilo Medica, Italy Country Manager at Kedrion, explained – about issues that are a priority for all of Italy’s Blood System, six months before the deadline (31st December 2014) for accreditation of the Transfusion Centres and Plasma Collection Units according to European structural, technological and organizational requirements. It is a demanding process that Kedrion has supported since the beginning by joining forces with the institutions, the Regional authorities, the donors’ associations and federations, in partnership with the Italian System, to further improve the efficiency of such organizational model”.
In addition, a talk-show called “Save Goods _ B Good”, organized by the National Blood Centre in partnership with the donors’ associations, will take place in the afternoon of Saturday 14th June (World Blood Donor Day), in the Media Library of the Municipal Library of Senigallia. The talk-show, with guests such us Giuliano Grazzini, Director of CNS, and Vincenzo Saturni, President of the National AVIS, will discuss “Protecting, sharing, giving the gifts that improve the quality of life”. Entrance is free.


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