Kedrion Biopharma supports the First Neuromuscular Diseases Day

The First Neuromuscular Diseases Day (Giornata delle Malattie Neuromuscolari), promoted by AIM (Italian Myology Association) and ASNP (Association for the study of the peripheral nervous system) in partnership with Alleanza per le Malattie Neuromuscolari (Alliance for Neuromuscular Diseases), will take place on Saturday, March 4th 2017. The initiative is targeted to the patients and their families, to associations and neurologists, physiatrists, general practitioners, physiotherapists, psychologists and nurses, for an update on the overall management of patients suffering from Neuromuscular Diseases.

“Most of these are rare diseases – explains Lorenzo Martini, Immunoglobulin Marketing Manager at Kedrion Biopharma – so we must raise awareness of what is the right treatment to help improve the patients’ quality of life. This is the main reason Kedrion Biopharma immediately embraced the idea of a Neuromuscular Diseases Day and wanted to be proactively involved in its organisation.”

On the same day, the event will be held in 14 Italian cities (Ancona, Bari, Brescia, Bologna, Genoa, Messina, Milan, Naples, Parma, Pisa, Rome, Turin, Udine, Verona), which are home to advanced Centres for the treatment of Neuromuscular Diseases. For further information about the cities’ programmes visit

For more information please contact: [email protected]
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