Kedrion donates 1 million IU of FIX to support WHF Humanitarian Aid Program

Worldwide thousands of people with inherited bleeding disorders are assisted every year through the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) Humanitarian Aid Program. In July 2013, one million international units of coagulation Factor IX were donated to this program by Kedrion.

Kedrion, an Italian biopharmaceutical company, specializes in the development, production, and distribution of plasma-derived products. This donation was made as part of a series of Kedrion humanitarian aid projects, which aim to broaden access to hemophilia treatment, regardless of the patients’ geographical location.

“Through generous donations, we are able to build sustainable care worldwide,” said WFH president Alain Weill. “We are grateful for this generous donation made by Kedrion.”
Humanitarian aid donations are sent to registered hemophilia treatment centres and WFH national member organizations. Donated products are used in emergency cases for patients with life-threatening bleeds or undergoing surgery who have limited access to treatment. Treatment products are also used for WFH development projects.

Products shipped by WFH have been allocated to countries with limited access to treatment in Central and South America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Some of the recipients include the Fundaciόn Nacional de Hemofilia of Bolivia, the Zimbabwe Haemophilia Association, the Syrian Hemophilia Society, and the National Centre for Transfusiology of Mongolia.

"For 2013, Kedrion has renewed its involvement in the Annual Corporate Partner Program – Paolo Marcucci, Kedrion President and CEO, explained –, thus confirming it will support the programs, initiatives and communication campaigns that the World Federation of Hemophilia conducts to assist hemophilic patients who live in countries that have reduced access to therapies. Besides, thanks to last February's agreement between the Italian government and the Regional authorities – Marcucci concluded –, more projects may be developed in the next few years to provide the same therapeutic levels to an increasing number of patients".

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