Kedrion offers its condolences for the passing of Giovanni Nicoletti

It is with deep sorrow that Kedrion Biopharma has learned of the passing of Dr. Giovanni Nicoletti, a historical figure and point of reference for the entire Italian hemophilia community.

As testimony his continual commitment to patient associations, Dr. Nicoletti was the first President of FedEmo, holding this position from when it was founded in 1996 until 2008 and then taking on the role of President of ARCE, the Regional Hemophilia Association of Campania. A position he held up until a few months ago.

Over these long years, our company has had the pleasure and the honor of working on numerous occasions with Dr. Nicoletti on many projects: first in his capacity as President of the Italian Federation of Hemophilia Associations, and later, in his role as lecturer at Scuola FedEmo, a training project created by the association in collaboration with the Fondazione Campus of Lucca and supported by Kedrion.

The company shares in the family’s bereavement in this moment of sorrow

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