Kedrion presents the new Factor VIII for the Hungarian market

Today, at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest, a scientific symposium celebrated the launch on the Hungarian market of the new plasma-derived product Factor VIII by Human BioPlazma, Kedrion Group’s Budapest-based subsidiary, which runs the production plant of Gödöllő. Manufactured at the production plant of Bolognana through the purification of an intermediate product received from Human BioPlazma, the finished product will be marketed in Hungary as from next July.

“This is an example of the success of the strategy based on the integration of Kedrion Group’s production plants – Paolo Marcucci, President and CEO of Kedrion, explained – and it is proof of the optimisation of the expertise of the Group’s companies”. “The product is produced to the highest quality standards and meets the industry’s strictest scientific and technological requirements”.

About one hundred guests attended the symposium, including clinicians, patients’ associations, regulatory authorities and delegates of the Hungarian Health Ministry.
Human Bioplazma and Plazmaferesis, the Hungarian company specialising in the collection of the raw material, have been subsidiaries of Kedrion Group for over 5 years. Since the takeover, substantial investments have been made, thus increasing the productive capacity of the Hungarian plant while perfectly integrating the existing production sites.

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