Kedrion was one of the main supporters of the 2021 AICE Annual Convention

Faithful to its commitment to promote the medical-scientific debate on the latest therapeutic innovations and the most recent developments in the overall management of patients affected by hemophilia and other congenital hemorrhagic diseases, Kedrion is proud to have supported the 2021 Annual Conference of the Italian Association of Hemophilia Centers (AICE), which took place in Rome on October 14-16. This event, which featured a rich and varied program, was the first meeting of the 2021-2023 three-year association led by the new AICE Steering Committee under the chairmanship of Dr. Angiola Rocino.

In addition to participating with a stand, Kedrion – as a Supporting Member – sponsored the scientific presentation entitled “Prophylaxis in patients with von Willebrand disease: the available evidence” that was held on October 15. The lecture was moderated by Dr. Antonio Coppola, hematologist at the SSD Hub Center for Hemophilia and Congenital Hemorrhagic Diseases of the University Hospital of Parma and general secretary of the AICE Board of Directors, and had as speaker Prof. Alessandro Gringeri, Chief Scientific and Medical Officer of Kedrion.

“The recently published new International Guidelines on the Diagnosis and Treatment of von Willebrand Disease have highlighted the need for prophylaxis in patients with severe or frequent bleeding. In fact, long-term prophylaxis has been shown to be effective in reducing the severity and frequency of bleeding in patients with von Willebrand Disease, thereby improving their quality of life.In anticipation of the revision of the Italian Guidelines, in our symposium we recalled this evidence and especially focused on the questions which are still open, such as how to define frequent or severe bleeding in patients with von Willebrand disease. We drew particular attention to severe menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia) and how it is sometimes underestimated in current treatment protocols.”
Alessandro Gringeri – Chief Scientific Officer of Kedrion Biopharma

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