Plasma derivates: reinforcing Tuscany as leader in the Balkans

Kedrion Biopharmaceuticals has won a contract to supply FIX in Bosnia. This is the plasma-derived drug used in the treatment of Haemophilia B (incidence of 1 in 60,000 people) which has a world market worth 200 million US dollars, with production of 430 million international units and distribution of 42% in Europe, 24% in North America and 13.6% in Asia.

With this contract, the company – created in 2001 by a process of rationalisation and assessment of the activities of other companies operating in the sector since the 1960s, and having a record of a range of expertise guaranteeing it a prominent role in the international market – consolidates its leadership in the west Balkans (in particular, Serbia, Macedonia and Albania) where it has a large share of the plasma-derivate market.

From Tuscany, therefore, Kedrion – consolidated turnover in 2005 of 141,132,368 euros, 579 employees with an average age of 38, 56% of them with higher qualifications, 22% with university degrees, total investment in setting-up since 2001 of more than 87 million euros, and investment in research in the last three years of 13 million euros – can view its increasing progress abroad.
Kedrion already has a presence in Argentina, Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Greek Cyprus, Turkish Cyprus, Croatia, Egypt, Georgia, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Kosovo, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico, Poland, Dominican Republic, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia and Montenegro, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Sudan, Malta, Portugal, Germany, Iraq, Albania, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Greece, the Philippines, Pakistan and Bangladesh, and this will be extended in 2006 to Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Libya.


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