Sant’Antimo site: first phase of investement completed

The renovation of the building that will house the Quality Control and Research and Development laboratories of the Kedrion production plant in Sant'Antimo, Naples, has been completed. This project, together with the renovation of another building which has been the new headquarters of the plant's Management and Administrative Offices since last April, marks the conclusion of the initial part of a larger investment plan totalling 10 million Euro involving the entire plant. A project – known as EDUARDO – that demonstrates Kedrion's ongoing commitment to strengthen and continue the strategic process of the integration and harmonization of the Sant'Antimo plant into the company's industrial network at the global level.

To celebrate this milestone, an inauguration ceremony was held at the new building on the afternoon of Friday, September 13. The ceremony was attended by Vincenzo De Luca, the President of the Campania Region, who then visited the plant accompanied by Paolo Marcucci, the President and CEO of Kedrion, along with the plant's management, Operations management and other top managers of the company.

During the opening ceremony, Paolo Marcucci said, "Today, our company has taken a significant step forward in the process of consolidating the role of the Sant'Antimo plant within Kedrion's global production system. As part of the company's strategic plan, this far-reaching achievement will also bring value in the long term. For this reason, I welcome and thank the local authorities and institutions that have supported us – and who continue to support us – by promoting our investments in production. But my most heartfelt welcome – if I may – is to all the dedicated people at Kedrion who have passionately supported the success of this project."

The Sant'Antimo plant, which covers approximately 6,000 square meters and currently employs over 170 people, is one of Kedrion's key assets. This plant produces several specialty medicines that are distributed in Italy and around the world, including Standard and Hyperimmune Immunoglobulins, Human Antithrombin and a Virus-Inactivated Plasma. Here in recent years, Kedrion has carried out various measures to improve production systems and processes in order to continue to meet the ever-increasing demand for plasma-derived products, which are often life-saving. In the same way, in the next few years additional investments are planned in order to consolidate and expand the activities of the plant, where work is underway on the development of two new products: a Plasminogen concentrate in the form of eye drops for the treatment of Ligneous Conjunctivitis and a virus inactivated spray-dried plasma treated with solvent / detergent, produced in collaboration with a partner in the United States and to be used for the same purposes as fresh frozen plasma.

More generally, Kedrion's investments at Sant'Antimo confirm the company's ongoing commitment to enhancing and strengthening its global production network in order to provide an increasing number of patients worldwide with the plasma-derived therapies they need.

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