Scuola FedEmo: the future lies in the hands of today’s youth

In Italy and abroad, Kedrion Biopharma has always worked closely with patient associations,  providing them with educational contents, assistance and practical support, and offering its expertise to develop partnerships that help make a difference. For the past three years, Kedrion has unconditionally supported the Scuola Nazionale di Formazione FedEmo, the National Training School of the Italian Federation of Hemophilia Associations, run in collaboration with the Fondazione Campus Lucca.

Scuola FedEmo was established to bring young people together in a close-knit group that would be capable of meeting local associations’ needs as well as helping them to face future challenges.

“Scuola FedEmo was entirely developed for young people. Those attending the course  demonstrated a willingness to learn and to take action, and an extraordinary sense of responsibility. Their enthusiasm inspired the entire Federation and the local associations in which they have become key players, and the new driving force  for creative ideas and projects.  This training program has given confidence, a voice and a strong sense of belonging to a new generation for young volunteers”
ristina Cassone, FedEmo President

The Scuola, which brought together twenty young (aged 18 to 30) men and women actively involved in local associations from all over the country, allowed participants to expand their personal, social, managerial and socio-economic skills in relation to the Italian institutional healthcare system.  

“Scuola FedEmo has achieved its objective of creating a large “family” in which members not only grow their knowledge and skills, but  also  learn more about each other.  In these past years spent together, we have fully understood and experienced the profound importance of unity and cohesion. I am confident that these strengths will guide us as we face the future together.”
Enrico Mazza, young FedEmo School participant

“The goal of Scuola FedEmo was to train new generations and provide these with the tools needed to work both at a regional and national level. Compared to local associations’ needs, the additional benefit of the Scuola lies in bringing together young people who had either never been part of an association, or had been involved only from a distance. Seeing them actively take part in national assemblies, promoting local projects and addressing critical issues clearly proved the validity of this project.”
Stefania Farace, FedEmo Secretary General of from 2014 to 2016 and Scuola FedEmo Project Manager

Scuola FedEmo was a three-year training program, divided into three editions, the last of which ended on December 2, 2018.

"The future of associationism and the protection of patients’ interests are in the hands of this new generation, and specific training in this area is an excellent starting point.  We at Kedrion are proud to have promoted and supported the FedEmo training project, and we are confident that these twenty young people will make a difference in the institutional context of the Italian healthcare system.”  
Gioacchino De Giorgi, Kedrion Global Marketing Director Coagulation, Hyperimmune and Critical Care

"Scuola FedEmo is  proof of what really happens when you bring together different stakeholders in a high-profile training course designed to provide the tools needed to achieve the goals of an association efficiently and effectively. The Scuola teaches us that it is not enough to do good.  We should also  learn how to do good very well.”
orrado Del Bò, University of Milan, Coordinator of the Fondazione Campus of Lucca and Scuola FedEmo Scientific Director

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