Visit of the Minister of reform and innovation in the Public Administration, Luigi Nicolais, to the Kedrion plant in Sant’Antimo (Naples)

The Minister of Reform and Innovation in the Public Administration, Luigi Nicolais, recently visited the Kedrion plant for the production of plasma-derived products in Sant’Antimo, near Naples.

Kedrion Group, specialising in the production and distribution of pharmaceutical products derived from plasma proteins, has a total of three production plants: in addition to the one in Sant’Antimo, it also has the main plant of Bolognana, near Lucca, and the Gödöllo plant near Budapest.
“For those who, like us, work in a field in which industry meets science – said Kedrion’s President and CEO, Paolo Marcucci – the presence of Hon. Nicolais, one of the 63 most-reputed Italian researchers in the world, is extremely valuable”.

During the meeting, Paolo Marcucci illustrated the company’s growth strategy, in particular that of the manufacturing site of Sant’Antimo – the national centre of excellence in the manufacture of specific medicinal products, such as hyperimmune immunoglobulins and plasmasafe – for the ongoing improvement of the manufacturing process and the full integration of the wealth of expertise provided by the three pharmaceutical plants, goals which can rely on important investments in infrastructure and staff.

Presentations were also given by Rodolfo Franceschini, Industrial Director of Kedrion, and by Vincenzo Tarantino, Director of the Sant’Antimo plant. Assunta Bellisario, Quality Assurance Manager of the site, also attended. During the meeting, all the research projects conducted by Kedrion in Sant’Antimo were illustrated, including the study started in 2004 for the “Assessment of the immunomodulating activity of human transferrin and its use in autoimmune and inflammatory conditions” and the “Study for the development, characterisation and effectiveness of a new anti-infectious preparation containing antibodies to antigens of the Hepatitis C virus (HCV)”, conducted with the help of the Department of Biology and Cellular and Molecular Pathology “L. Califano” (DBPCM) of the University of Naples “Federico II”, the Institute of Bio-structures and Bio-imaging of the National Research Centre (IBB) of Naples, and the Zoological Station A. Dohrn of Naples, due to end in 2010.

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