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  1. FEATURED STORIES - 04-01-2020

    In memory of Fabrizio Fabbrizzi

    Written by Albert Farrugia

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  2. FEATURED STORIES - 08-02-2017

    TLS and Kedrion: creating added value for orphan drugs

    IKOD plant in Siena committed to researching and developing effective therapies to treat particularly rare diseases

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  3. FEATURED STORIES - 24-10-2016

    Hemophilia seen through children's eyes: Kedrion teams up with LA Kelley

    Three books of the series My First Factor Creation are now available for free download

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  4. FEATURED STORIES - 16-09-2016

    Multimedia project for hemophilia patients in Italy

    WebApp Weemo launched by FedEmo with the support of Kedrion Biopharma

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