123rd SIMI National Congress: Kedrion supports the internist community

With the aim of encouraging recurrent training and education amongst the medical and scientific community, Kedrion Biopharma is proud to have supported the 123rd National Congress of the Italian Society of Internal Medicine (SIMI), held in Rome from October 21st to 23rd . Offering a rich and varied program, the event brought together leading experts in the field to discuss the main challenges that have emerged during the pandemic relating to the management and care of complex, multi-morbid patients.

In addition to having a booth, Kedrion supported a Speakers’ Corner, held on October 22,  with two lectures on a new therapeutic approach aimed at improving  the management of patients with Sideropenic Anemia,. The meeting was moderated by Prof. Elena Corradini (Modena) and featured Prof. Eleonora Gaetani (Rome) and Dr. Marco Marietta (Modena) as speakers.

“Iron deficiency anemia is highly prevalent in ‘internist patients’; these are typically complex, cronically ill, multi-morbid patients who as a consequence are  in multi-therapy. It is a clinically relevant pathological condition, as it is linked to unfavorable clinical-prognostic outcomes. Therefore it should be diagnosed, marked out, and treated in in relation to the clinical context of the patient and the tools we have available to optimize therapy.”
Prof. Elena Corradini

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