Agreements between Kedrion and Grifols

 Kedrion announces today to have reached an agreement with Grifols S.A. (Grifols) for the sale of Grifols’ assets to Kedrion; the two companies also have established commercial, lease and manufacturing agreements for up to seven (7) years. 

This agreement has been reached in order to satisfy the conditions for the merger transaction between Grifols and Talecris Biotherapeutics Holdings Corporation, agreed by means of the “Consent Agreement” signed by the two companies with the Staff of the Bureau of Competition of the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
The Consent Agreement is subject to approval of the FTC Commissioners, who will be reviewing the matter.

The collaboration between Kedrion and Grifols refers to four main areas:

Kedrion and Grifols enter into a contract manufacturing agreement to fractionate and purify Kedrion’s plasma to deliver IVIG and Albumin under Kedrion’s private label, and Factor VIII under the trade name Koate, all of them for sale by Kedrion only in the US;

Kedrion will acquire from Grifols the Melville fractionation facility. Grifols will manage the facility during up to a four-year period under a lease agreement with Kedrion;

Kedrion will purchase from Grifols the Talecris’ FVIII US business (Koate);

Kedrion will acquire from Grifols two Plasma Collection Centers.

For more information please contact: [email protected]
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