“Fabrizio Fabbrizzi” research prizes awarded in Lucca

The final act of the first edition of the “Fabrizio Fabbrizzi” research prizes was held on October 22 at the Fondazione Campus Lucca.

The Award, dedicated to the memory of our late colleague Fabrizio Fabbrizzi, MD, go to young researchers in the field of plasma and plasma derivatives.

An initiative conceived by Kedrion Biopharma together with the Fondazione Carlo Erba – with which we also promote, annually, the “Guelfo Marcucci” Awards – and in collaboration with the Fondazione Campus Lucca. The Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA) also contributed to this first edition of the Prize – an organization to whose activities Fabrizio Fabbrizzi devoted a great deal of energy and passion over the many years of collaboration.

Paolo Marcucci, Chairman of Kedrion, remembers Dr Fabrizio Fabbrizzi in the following statement: “For the Kedrion community, Fabrizio Fabbrizzi was a figure, doctor, scholar and manager of great importance. We will bring with us his strong and cheerful character, the support he provided Kedrion with as Company Physician, the scientific contributions he made over decades of committed work: he was of enormous worth to Kedrion as a whole. Establishing these prizes, and awarding them to young scholars, seems to me the best way to remember Fabrizio, and I am pleased that Kedrion has decided to confirm these awards for the coming years. Fabrizio Fabbrizzi, the intellectual and the person, deserve to be celebrated: this way we are, and will continue, doing so”.

The awards ceremony was also attended by Dr. Fabbrizzi’s family, as well as many of his Kedrion colleagues, physicians and friends from all over Italy.

The 2020 “Fabrizio Fabbrizzi” Prize goes to Giovanna De Simone and Alan Zanardi, who will each receive two research grants worth € 7,500.

Meanwhile, it is already possible to submit applications for the 2022 edition of the “Fabrizio Fabbrizzi” Prize. The public call, open until November 30, is available HERE.

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