In Arezzo Kedrion reaffirms partnership with Italian Blood System

Once again, Kedrion participated as a friendly sponsor in the Risk Management in Health Forum now celebrating its tenth edition. “Changing healthcare: fair and sustainable innovation” was the leitmotif of the four-day forum held in Arezzo.
By reaffirming its full support to the event, Kedrion has also made possible the organization of the breakout session entitled “The Journey towards excellence of the Italian Blood System”, held on November 24. The first part of the session, moderated by Dr. Giancarlo Liumbruno, Director of the National Blood Centre (CNS), and by Dr. Claudio Velati, President of SIMTI (Società Italiana di Immunoematologia e Medicina Trasfusionale), focused on the safety of plasma-derived drugs. Panelists Sara Gentili of CNS, Valentina Molese of the CRS Tuscany, Pierluigi Liumbruno of AUSL8 Tuscany and Anna Rosa Marra of AIFA (Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco) have contributed to the discussion.
"This session takes place at crucial time for the Italian Blood System, which is currently involved in the process of meeting the standards of excellence required by European regulations," stated Danilo Medica, Italy Country Manager. "This is also a primary goal for Kedrion, who has always been a partner of the Italian Transfusion System. Meeting the standards of excellence also represents a prerequisite for achieving our common objective of national self-sufficiency in plasma-derived medicinal products".
The session was followed by a roundtable discussion entitled “Data quality and safety: the validation of computerized management systems in Transfusion Medicine”, coordinated and chaired by Ivana Menichini of CNS and with the participation of Luciano Franchi, President of AVIS Tuscany (Associazione Italiana Volontari del Sangue) and of Davide Rossi, Director of CRS Lombardia together with companies operating in this sector.

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