Kedrion completes its portfolio of hemophilia products

Starting from June 2015, Kedrion, as the exclusive distributor for Italy, will make  available on the domestic market an innovative recombinant factor VIII (Nuwiq®) manufactured by Octapharma AG.. Nuwiq® is the newest generation of FVIII replacement, produced in a human cell line cultured without additives of human or animal origin. Nuwiq® is devoid of antigenic non‑human protein epitopes and has a high affinity for the von Willebrand coagulation factor, both of which are potentially important properties in reducing FVIII inhibitor formation. The development of Nuwiq® aimed to address the challenges of inhibitor formation as well as the frequent infusions required for prophylaxis of bleeding.

By launching this product, Kedrion will now be able to provide a full range of therapeutic solutions for coagulation and hemostatic disorders, thus ensuring the right treatment for any kind of disease or condition.

“Nuwiq is the future within reach for all those suffering from hemophilia A” – Ferdinando Borgese, Global Marketing Director, stated. “As the new exclusive distributor for Italy, Kedrion will play a role in establishing a new therapeutic standard and will emphasize the social value of its choices, consistently with the corporate mission and its goal of extending access to available therapies that can improve people’s quality of life.”

On 5th and 6th June next, Renaissance Tuscany – Il Ciocco Resort & Spa in Castelvecchio Pascoli (Lucca) will host a CME (Continuing Medical Education) credited course, entitled “New therapeutic perspectives: recombinant factor VIII from human cell line”. This course, the Scientific Coordinator of which is Dr Giancarlo Castaman, SOD Hemorrhagic Diseases Director at AOU Careggi in Florence, will be the occasion to discuss the complications and the needs of patients with hemophilia A: a lot is already known about the characteristics of FVIII, but there are new opportunities that will influence the treatment and, consequently, patients’ quality of life.

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