Kedrion seeks innovative “Made in Tuscany” ideas

Kedrion Biopharma played a leading role in a recent "Partnering Day" meeting promoted by the Regione Toscana through Invest in Tuscany. These meetings aim to put large companies in contact with local startups and technological research projects being developed in the Tuscan area.

Kedrion attended the event as part of the strategic open innovation path embarked on to explore new partnership opportunities and promote a constant and active exchange of ideas and know-how with startups, researchers, physicians, universities, and public and private institutions based in the communities in which we operate. This commitment to open innovation is a step forward, and the natural evolution of the solid and long-standing collaborations that our company has fostered locally to develop research activities, and encourage innovation, in the Life Sciences.

Supported by Invest in Tuscany and in partnership with Local Global and the Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences, Kedrion will be looking to select the most innovative,  locally developed ideas and projects. Out of a list of over 20 projects, we chose the 12 most interesting partners, who were given the opportunity to introduce themselves to our research team during the “Kedrion Partnering Day”. This dedicated event took place in Florence on Tuesday 18 June at the offices of the President of the Regione Toscana in Palazzo Strozzi Sacrati, and gave voice to the chosen 12 projects, from cutting edge fields such as nanotechnologies, bioengineering, and biorobotics, and involving therapeutic areas that include immunology, allergology, neurology, hematology and rare diseases.

Prof. Alessandro Gringeri, Chief Medical and R&D Officer of Kedrion Biopharma, stated that "this meeting was of great importance for Kedrion, as it allowed for a connection to be established between three important players: our company, the initiatives promoted by public and private bodies in the area and, obviously, the Regione Toscana". “The latter,” he added, “not only has promoted this conversation , but has also potentially offered to support the development of these projects, especially with regards to the removal of those bureaucratic obstacles that slow down and often prevent the transformation of innovative ideas into clinical practices“.

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